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Prop Building for Beginners
Twenty Props for Stage and Screen

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A Little About Myself

I have been building props and effects for theatre, opera, retail display and other industries since 2003. I am a professor in the Stage Properties program at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. I also write about building props and other things.


My props were built for theatres both on and off-Broadway, New York's "Shakespeare in the Park", the Santa Fe Opera, the Actors Theatre of Louisville, as well as for retail stores and theme parks. I do carpentry, metal work, vacuum forming, sculpting, molding and casting, and small effects. You can see more in my portfolio.
  • Magic music box

  • sculpted bull talisman

  • gold throne

The Prop Building Guidebook

For Theatre, Film, and TV

The best-selling book found on prop builder's shelves around the world is now in its second edition. Learn about common materials and techniques, such as wood, metal, plastic, fabric, papier-mâché, and fiberglass. You will understand why to use certain materials and what advantages they give.

The Prop Effects Guidebook

Lights, Motion, Sound, and Magic

Learn how to connect and assemble components and parts to make your props light up, explode, make noise, and bleed. This book delves into the world of electricity, pneumatics, liquids, and mechanical effects to teach you how to make your props perform magic in front of a live audience.

Sharing the Knowledge

Since 2009, I have been writing, photographing, and talking about props, effects, and working in the entertainment industry. You can watch videos at my YouTube Channel, read articles on my Prop Agenda blog, or listen to my podcast at "Silk Flowers and Papier Mache Hearts." 
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Contact Me

Twitter: @ericbhart
Instagram: @ericbhart

North Carolina, USA